Bitcoin Boys Love That Shit

Collective madness baby

Ju Peter Goodman
3 min readFeb 19


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Grab all the finance books you can and throw them at a Bitcoin Boy. That motherfucker is going to dodge them like Neo dodges bullets.

Today one guy asked me if Bitcoin had started to rise.

We were having hamburgers at one of those social events that you don’t want to go to but end up going to.

He was a Bitcoin Boy, and he wanted to hear a yes. You see his eyes and you know he wants to spend his savings on Bitcoin.

I did the only responsible thing you do in these cases.

I asked him his birthdate.

With a little math, I calculated his destiny number. Destiny screwed the guy.

His fate number was four. In numerology, the number four indicates life will position you in such number all your life.

That was not fair. I tried another method, something more serious and precise.

I asked the guy to show me his hand and I read it. The lines of his hands crossed and interconnected in such a way that they drew a four.

The way things are nowadays Satan has to start offering bitcoins if he intends to win souls.

“I don’t know, but plenty of people want to believe so, and that’s what matters,” I said.

Those versed in logic, numbers, and finance know you cannot predict it.

But guess what buddy?

It does not matter.

The only thing that matters is Bitcoin Boys Love that shit. Yeah, Bitcoin.

You know? This is a tribal thing like in the Lord of the Flies story. There comes a time when you stop caring about the rules and the shell. It’s time to act en masse, yeah baby let's hunt the reasonable guy.

Is it stupid?

Yeah, but that’s fun.

You gotta understand Bitcoin Boys love that shit.

Don’t let the truth scare you.

Look, the bitcoin Boys want it to happen. Thus, it might happen.

One guy tells the other guy and then to others. Without realizing, what you said, someone, you don’t know is repeating it to you, on a…



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