Babe, One Artificial Intelligence Stole My Job

He felt like avocado in guacamole

Ju Peter Goodman
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“You’re fired, James.”


“I’m sorry, James.”

James had loved technology his entire life until Artificial Intelligence stole his job.

What will I tell Patricia? Honey an AI made me lose my job. Yes, honey, a Gosh Darn AI.

James was not an old man on the edge of the hole he would call home for eternity. Nor was he a young stud sweating testosterone. He was a middle-aged man displaced by cloud software. A robot would have been cool. Yes, a robot that transforms into a truck. An effing robot transforming into a truck can take my job any day of the week.

James left Charles’s office.

“It’s not personal,” Charles said, as the door closed on its own behind James.

James let the door close. He didn’t turn to see Charles. He didn’t reply either.

Your turn will come, Charles. Your turn will come.

When James joined the organization, the old accountants used Excel as a calculator. Others to draw squares and tables since, in Word, it was more difficult. Not James. James was a modern young man. He knew how to use formulas, automate using Macros and even write some scripts.

James walked to his office. Back straight and chin up. He knew they were watching him as he once did.

Decades ago, James saw dinosaurs walk. That’s what he called the senior staff they fired. The former accountants left carrying a box with their personal belongings.

James smirked. He had imagined them as T. rex with their tiny arms carrying their boxes. They looked funny. He didn’t admit it, but he felt guilty. After all, they were fired due to his innovation and cost reduction plan.

It was his turn to use a box, a big box because he had accumulated many things on his desk. His now ex-secretary provided him with one. One by one he put his things in the box.

When he proposed his innovation and cost reduction plan, it was to stand out. James could bet some Gen Z kid was coming up with the idea of ​​using AI to kick old-fashioned James out into the street…



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